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Agrico, Market leader in seed potatoes

Agrico is a well-known Dutch cooperative company with a long-standing history of breeding potato varieties, propagating potato seeds, and cultivating potatoes for consumption. Year after year, we invest in high-quality potato varieties with strong disease resistance and excellent market attributes, aiming to assist farmers across the globe and ensure high yields in various climatic conditions.

We grow many unique potato varieties and offer them to farmers in Bangladesh:

  • Certified high-quality potato seeds cultivated in the Netherlands and Bangladesh
  • Selected and verified potato varieties capable of thriving in extreme climatic conditions
  • Highly disease-resistant varieties
  • Varieties suitable for all types of soils
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"Together with Agrico, we annually search for the most suitable potato varieties for Bangladesh. Every year we use trial fields so growers can see current varieties and new varieties coming.''

Quality above all

Various factors are essential when purchasing high-quality seed and ware potatoes. Therefore, expert supervision at Agrico's Quality Center rigorously monitors the health condition of seed potatoes.

Here, we examine examples of all the batches we export to Bosnia and Herzegovina. We assess the internal and external quality of the potatoes, check for the presence of diseases, determine the germination percentage (seed potatoes), sort them by size, and assess their underwater weight. We also evaluate the suitability of the potatoes for transportation and long-term storage.

Agrico's Quality Center has the capacity to process 20,000 to 25,000 samples annually."

Continuous journey for better varieties

Agrico Research, headquartered in the Netherlands, is in a constant pursuit of developing new varieties with enhanced selection characteristics, such as growth period, skin color, flesh color, tuber shape, and cooking suitability. These attributes hold great importance for producers, traders, and processors. By focusing on improving the production characteristics of our potato varieties, we align perfectly with the needs of the local market.

The pillars that Agrico Research concentrates on are:

  • Enhancing yield of potato farmers
  • Improved nutritional value
  • Increase of culinary and consumer quality
  • High natural resistance to potato diseases"