A Parkland potato variety with smooth skin and great flavour

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Ballerina is an early ripening , firm cooking and very tasty consumption potato.

Oval shaped with a bright smooth skin. Ballerina can be packed right off the field or stored for long periods without bruising.

  • Market outlets: fresh market
  • Maturity: medium early
  • Average yield: high
Ballerina Parkland 2022
Canada Ballerina


  • Tuber shape: oval
  • Uniform of shape: uniform
  • Eye depth: shallow
  • Skin color: yellow
  • Flesh color: yellow
  • Dry matter test: moderate
  • Dry matter percent: 19


  • Dormancy: long
  • Tuber number: 12 - 15
  • Resistance to damage: good
  • Resistance to bruising: good
  • Secondary growth: rare

Disease resistance

  • Late blight (foliage blight): average resistance
  • Common scab: good resistance
  • Virus PVV: good resistance
  • PCN - Ro1 & Ro4: good resistance
  • Virus Yntn: good resistance
  • Fusarium (Dry Rot): good resistance
  • Leaf roll virus: good resistance

Storage recommendation

Very good storability, up to 7-8 months. Import to check underwater weight. Minimum of 320 to maximize storage length.

Cultivation recommendation

Fertilize at medium levels. Slower emerging variety, therefore plant into warm soil and protect against rhizoctonia. Tubers bulk quickly at end of growing peroid. Check frequently to ensure desired size profile. Unsure good skin set before digging.

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