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The Weuthen Kartoffeltag is the annual event which takes place on the last Thursday of August in a German field close to the head office of organizer, Wilhelm Weuthen GmbH & Co. Everyone was delighted to meet again and talk face-to-face about potatoes and other interesting topics in the agricultural sector.  

Agrico is a partner of Weuthen and also attended the event with a wide range of potato varieties. This included high-quality strong varieties for the industry, such as Fontane, Agria, Babylon and Palace, but also Retail varieties, such as Chateau and Ranomi. And not forgetting our ‘Next Generation’ potato varieties Levante, Twister and Jacky, which are of particular interest for the German market.

General Director of Weuthen GmbH, Ferdi Buffen, opened the day with a speech about the current situation and the market estimate for the 2021 harvest. Buffen said that he was satisfied that the potato sector had single-handedly overcome the huge challenge presented by COVID-19. Buffen also concluded that nowadays there is no doubt that our climate is changing and that we are facing extreme weather events. “Even though potatoes are often as resilient as weeds, we have to and shall adapt our cultivation techniques and choice of varieties to the new challenges of the future.”

According to Buffen, the supply situation is balanced at the present time. “Plenty of potatoes are available during the harvesting period. We expect a good yield of seed potatoes, with slightly coarser tuber sizes as a result of the below-average tuber setting. Over the next few years, the processing industry will expand its capacity significantly and, in the ware potato sector, we must store our good, healthy and regionally produced potatoes in a high-quality environment and then continue to supply these to the consumer.”

A positive mood prevailed during the Weuthen Kartoffeltag. Many traders and growers were happy to meet one another again in person and to talk about our joint passion: potatoes!

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