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Supplier of high quality potato varieties for the Bengal market!

Malik Seeds is a trusted partner, of Agrico since 1975 and is playing an important role in connecting Agrico's innovative potato varieties with the unique needs of local farmers in Bangladesh.

Maliks Seeds has a broad variety portfolio consisting containing varieties that have been tested for multiple years in the research facility, near Rangpur, to assure the suitability for the Bengal climate. 

What really sets "Malik Seeds" apart is their approach to introducing Agrico's potato varieties. Instead of just distributing seeds, they take a proactive role. "Malik Seeds" multiplies Agrico's varieties on their own farms, actively assessing and validating their suitability for the specific conditions prevailing in Bangladesh.

  • Phytophthora resistant varieties
  • Varieties suitable for different soil types.
  • Yearly trails with promising varieties
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Our company mission:

In keeping with our vision, our mission is to market quality seeds by working closely with our distributors, dealers and farmers. Our research and development team ensures appropriate and desirable seed characteristics.


About Agrico

Agrico is a global leader in the field of potato cultivation and innovation. Their mission extends far beyond merely growing potatoes; it encompasses the entire potato value chain. With a presence in more than 80 countries, Agrico is dedicated to introducing novel potato varieties that are not only high-yielding but also well-suited to diverse local conditions.

Agrico's strength lies not only in their innovative breeding programs but also in their ability to cultivate strong partnerships worldwide. They understand the importance of collaboration in the agricultural industry. Working closely with local partners, they nurture relationships that go beyond mere business transactions. This approach not only ensures the successful adoption of their potato varieties but also strengthens the potato value chain within these countries.

Their commitment to sustainable agriculture is evident in their efforts to develop potato varieties that are disease-resistant and capable of thriving in changing climatic conditions. This not only boosts potato yields but also contributes to global food security.

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Malik Seeds is a specialized potato production company that provides potato producers with high-quality seed potatoes every year. Thanks to our wide range, we always have the right variety you are looking for. Would you like to know more about the possibilities or are you interested in what Malik Seeds can do for you?

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