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SV Agri was established in 2008. The organization has developed into an integrated potato supply chain solutions provider and has been a disruptive player in the potato ecosystem. Doubling farmers’ income has been SV Agri’s strategy from day one, realised by a holistic market development approach. Class leading varieties are imported from Agrico and carefully screened for suitability in the various segments in the Indian market and for India’s different climatic zones. High grade seed potatoes are produced in a dedicated aeroponics facility and the mini tubers further multiplied in carefully selected areas. 

Due to its continuous collaborations with the various partners from India’s potato value chain, a growing demand for modern and efficient potato varieties from the processing industry is being observed. In order to reach out to the right and quality growers in India’s rural hinterlands, SV Agri has created a vast network of Franchises. This Franchisee network consists largely of FPOs, SHGs, JLGs & agri entrepreneurs across several states.  With the help of these Franchisees SV Agri provides farming communities access to seed potatoes, crop nutrition, crop protection, storage, knowledge, markets and financial assistance.

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Agrico is a world leader in potato breeding and seed- & ware potato production. We constantly invest in producing high-quality, high-yielding, healthy potatoes which are used all around the world. Our Breeding and Research center ''Agrico Research'' works intensively on developing new, innovative potato varieties and is one of the global leaders in this field. Our contribution to excellent growth goes beyond just the supply of high-quality seed potatoes and consumer potatoes. Together with our partners we create innovative production methods and distribution models that match the local needs and result in resilient potato food systems for the local market.

For India, we opt to propagate locally using mini tubers or in vitro stock in accordance with India’s requirements and possibilities. This enables us to satisfy the increasing demand for our innovative potato varieties throughout all of India’s 28 states with 46 soil types and 20 agro climatic zones.

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India has a total population of roughly 1.5 billion. It is the third largest producer of Agricultural commodities in the world (after the USA and China). Agriculture contributes to around 14% to the Indian GDP and accounts to roughly 55% of the total employment. The share of potato in the agricultural GDP is 4 times higher than rice and 5 times higher than wheat. Potato is currently India’s third principal food crop.

India already is the world’s second largest producer of potatoes, producing over 50M t / year. India’s potato consumption has been growing at 5% per year on average, for the past 10 years. Further growth is foreseen, especially in India’s processed potato market. SV Agri & Agrico have acknowledged the huge potential the Indian market offers. We have been collaborating since 2015, resulting in the establishment of our Joint Venture in 2019. We have been upscaling our market presence ever since and we will continue to do so the next decades.

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SV Agri’s holistic market development approach seamlessly matches India’s policy and its various development programs. Hence SV Agri has been collaborating in many of such development programs and with various development organisations. Further details about SV Agri can be obtained by sending an e-mail to or found on their website.

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