Seed Potatoes

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Trusted Agrico partner

Potato varieties for Portugese conditions

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Achieve good growth

Since 2000 Agrico is succesfully working together with our trusted partner EuroBatata in Portugal. Our common goal is to introduce new and already succesfull potato varieties into the Portugees market. Together we try to achieve good growth and bring the new developments regarding potato cultivation together to achieve better results and improve the quality of potatoes. 


  • Trusted partner since 2000
  • Active knowledge sharing
  • New and succesfull varieties for the Portugees market

Our trusted partner

Eurobatata V2

Retail, traditional, processing, export

“For me as a new generation of Eurobatata, it is with great motivation and privilege that I intend to continue the excellent work that has been developed between Agrico and Eurobatata for over 20 years. Our mindset is to continue to do our best every day to provide the best seed potato varieties to Portuguese farmers. We want to be a reference for our market and have leading varieties in their segments (retail, traditional, processing, export) and we are sure that together with Agrico we will be able to achieve our goals.”

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“Our mindset is to continue to do our best every day to provide the best seed potato varieties to Portuguese farmers”

About our partner Eurobatata

With more then 30 years of experience in the potato business, Eurobatata is a key player in Portuguese market as a potato packer and seed potato agent. In all this years Eurobatata and Agrico have been partners and joined forces to launch the best and most appropriate varieties for all different segments of the Portuguese market.

Eurobatata sells around 10.000 tons of seed potato and 35.000 tons of ware potatoes and operates in the following segments: Retail, traditional, export and industry.


Potato varieties for Portugal
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