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Celebrating 25 years

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A leading potato variety company

We are based in Edmonton, Canada and are a potato variety marketing company introducing new Agrico potato varieties to Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Parkland Potato Varieties has been in business for over 25 years supplying top quality seed potatoes.

Parkland and Agrico

Parkland Potato Varieties is a part of the global market leader Agrico and a force for innovation within the potato sector. Parkland Potato Varieties operates independently to accommodate the home market, but has the advantages that come from being part of a larger organization. 

Parkland Potato Varieties chooses varieties that cater for the domestic consumer preference, and that grow well in the Northern American climate. The majority of Parkland’s new varieties are bred in Europe, many from Agrico Research. Parkland and Agrico have worked together since 1997. Since joining forces, Parkland and Agrico have introduced many successful varieties into North America as well as marketing traditional open market varieties throughout North America. 

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We take pride in providing personal service with each of our clients

Personal service

We are more than a standard commodity broker – we take pride in providing personal service with each of our clients. Our experience in the industry and our extensive network of contacts will help us to serve your every need.

This commitment to cooperation and partnership is in our DNA and a key factor in our aim to achieve the best solutions. We like to share our experience, insights and knowledge with our growers and customers.

At the same time we like to listen to your experiences, insights, knowledge and preferences. This enables us to deliver top products and solutions.

The long term relationships Parkland has with its customers is evidence of the commitment to providing quality, variety and service excellence.

Personal Service

Would you like to know more about Parkland?

Parkland Potato Varieties goes beyond just supplying high-quality seed potatoes. We are involved with our customers and provide comprehensive advice in several areas. We have innovative varieties, extensive quality assurance, and are committed to fast and reliable delivery in Northern America.

If you have a specific question or would like to know what Parkland Potato Varieties can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

Kirby Sawatzky

Director of Business Operations