The best varieties for North America

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Changing consumer demand

Parkland is contious striving to add new varieties which meet the specific wishes of customers in Northern America both now and in the future.

As the exclusive partner of Agrico for North America, Parkland is part of the research and expertise activities of the Agrico cooperative and fully involved in monitoring changing consumer behavior around the globe.

Every year Parkland Potato Varieties reviews the new varieties of Agrico and selects those potatoes which meet the specific needs of its North American customers.

In addition to Agrico's top potato varieties, Parkland is also examining other potato varieties for their suitability and added value for the North American market. Here's how Parkland offers the best of both worlds.


Research and development Agrico Potato
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Cost effective

Parkland offers new varieties which are more cost effective to produce because of greater yields and/or reduced input costs. These naturally bred new varieties are selected on:

  • Yields
  • High natural resistances to potato diseases
  • Storage
  • Maturity

The new generation of potato varieties

In addition to our existing seed potatoes, our partner Agrico each year develops and introduces new and improved varieties. Varieties that contribute to the global sustainability and maintenance of potato cultivation, while retaining excellent consumption properties and good yield. 

  • Higher yields
  • Improved nutrients
  • Improved and enhanced flavor profiles
  • High natural resistances to potato diseases
  • Suitability for specific climates and soil types
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Overview Agrico research located in Bant

Our partner Agrico Research

Agrico Research is located in The Netherlands in Potato Valley, and has its own 4,000 m2 greenhouse complex as accommodation for the development of new potato varieties for the global market and intensive research activities.

The Agrico Research breeding process incorporates the latest insights into genetics and breeding techniques, and is carried out in close consultation with affiliated breeders. 

The nursery consists of different laboratories that determine cultivation characteristics such as the frying quality of Fries and chips varieties, and the cooking quality of table potatoes. The laboratories also carry out research into disease resistance, using DNA marker technology to examine the desired variety properties. Many new varieties are tested each year in the 30 hectares of trial fields both locally and abroad.

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Would you like to know more about our new potato varieties?

Parkland Potato Varieties goes beyond just supplying high-quality seed potatoes. We are involved with our customers and provide comprehensive advice in several areas. We have innovative varieties, extensive quality assurance, and are committed to fast and reliable delivery in Northern America.

If you have a specific question or would like to know what Parkland Potato Varieties can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

Adam Nelubowich

Sales and Marketing