Potato training

Certified seed potatoes
Grown in Eastern Africa
Used all over Tanzania

Tractor working in a potato field in Kenya

Adopt intensive management for profitable potato farming!

Agrico PSA's Finance Manager explains the potato business case in detail. You will see the highly profitable business case of farmers using Agrico varieties in Tanzania. Elements of which are the cost price reduction per kg produced, higher sales revenue, increase of net profit and how PSA is de-risking potato farming for potato farmers.

From our Potato Experience Centre in Nakuru our agronomist demonstrates and teaches farmers step by step (preparation, planting, growing, harvesting) what profitable potato farming entails. This way we instruct and help potato farmers on how to grow a healthy potato crop. Of course, the application of intensive management based on GAP is an important part of these training courses.

What you learn

  • Net profit increase
  • Cost price reduction
  • Revenue growth
  • De-risking potato farming

What you learn

  • Crop rotation & soil sampling
  • Weed killing & ploughing 
  • Fertiliser application

What you learn

  • Furrows & ridges - row distances
  • Planting distances – tuber spacing
  • Certified seed potatoes

What you learn

  • Weed killing
  • Prevent, recognise & manage
  • Fertilizer - top dressing

What you learn

  • Different types of potato diseases
  • Safe Chemical applications
  • Management of applications

What you learn

  • Maturing period
  • Harvest
  • Grading & Bagging

Preparation - kick off your shamba

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# 1 Shamba management

Crop rotation & soil sampling - In this video you will learn about how to plan and manage your shamba well, including an explanation on the need for crop rotation and soil sampling.

Duration: 5.51 minutes

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# 2 Shamba preparation

Weed killing, ploughing & harrowing - In this video you will learn more about how to prepare your land prior to planting of your potatoes, that includes an explanation on how and why to undertake weed killing (manual & chemical) and then proceed to ploughing, harrowing and levelling of the fields. 

Duration: 7.04 minutes

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# 3 Shamba fertilisers

Fertiliser application - In this video you will learn all about fertilizers, including the 3 macro nutrients NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) as well as the micro nutrients and trace elements that are needed for potato production. 

Duration: 5.52 minutes

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# 4 Shamba nutrition

Nutrition - In this video you will learn about the different types and stage of fertilizer application that are needed for potato farming, and we discuss in depth the fertilizer need at planting (base dressing).

Duration: 3:08

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