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Certified seed potatoes
Grown in Nakuru Kenya
Used all over Eastern Africa


Agrico is a world leader in seed & ware potato production. We constantly invest in producing high-quality, high-yielding, healthy and affordable potatoes which are used all around the world. Our contribution to excellent growth goes beyond just the supply of high-quality seed potatoes and consumer potatoes.

Together with our partners we create distribution models that match the local needs and result in profitable potato food systems for the local market.

Potato varieties for Tanzania

We have been producing and distributing seed potatoes in Kenya since 2016 via our Joint Venture Agrico Potato Services Africa (‘Agrico PSA). From our cold store in Nakuru we deliver the right quantities of top quality seed potatoes, exactly when our customers need them. Initially we focused on the Kenyan market. Over the years Agrico PSA has witnessed a growing demand from surrounding countries and we started exporting from Kenya to these neighboring countries.

Recently our popular potato varieties were also registered on Tanzania’s national variety list. This means from now onwards it is possible to supply our certified seed potatoes from Kenya to Tanzania also. We have three potato varieties, that match the total Tanzanian market demand. All varieties are high yielding and result in profitable business for farmers:

Kenyan potato farmers working in the field
Markies V1

The number 1 chips & crisps

Manitou V1

The retail champion

Arizona V1

Perfect for retail & table market


Agrico PSA is looking for a professional Tanzanian partner with whom we will develop the Tanzanian potato value chain. Agrico PSA has a track record of building profitable potato value chains. Next to supplying top quality seed potatoes, knowledge and market development are two key pillars in our unique market approach. Our team has been educating over 60,000 smallholder farmers in Kenya the past few years. In addition we have established numerous market linkages for Kenyan farmers, with crisps processors, chips processors, retailers, traders and so on.

Agrico PSA is ready to enter the Tanzanian market now and Tanzania is ready for its top quality seed potatoes. Agrico PSA is looking for a Tanzanian based partner with whom we can jointly build and scale the Tanzanian seed and ware potato market. Having access to the potato market actors is a key success factor. If you are interested and want to know more, we encourage you to contact our market developer for Southern & Eastern Africa, Peter Geluk.

Potato processor partnership
Peter Geluk

Contact our market developer for Southern & Eastern Africa

Peter Geluk

Market developer