Potato development

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The growing potato markets in Pakistan

Pakistan is an agriculture country and its economy moves around agriculture-based products. One of the major crop in Pakistan is the potato. Potato cultivation in Pakistan is on a constant rise since the last many years. The potato crop grown in Pakistan is mostly from the potato seed varieties developed and exported by Dutch companies. We are proud to confirm that Agrico and their highly renowned varieties are considered the best among the lot.

Local input for optimalisation of varieties

In order to continuously market and promote Agrico varieties in the Pakistan market, constant feedback is obtained from a host of different sources primarily including importers, farmers, government seed departments and institutions. Keeping this trend in mind, Stamex International (Agrico’s partner) in Pakistan carried out interviews with two major farmers in the country to attain the necessary feedback required to ensure excellent performance of the Agrico varieties.

They belong to the plain and hilly region where most of the potato cultivation takes place. According to them, Kuroda and Sante dominated the market a few years back and are still in demand, but, in the past few years Rudolph, Esmee and Alouette have emerged as the most popular and sought-after varieties.

The farmers are also quite hopeful about the prospect of Riviera and Vogue gaining a big market share in the future. Want to read more about the different potato varieties for Pakistan cultivation? Click underneath. 

Potato varieties for Pakistan
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Four emerging potato varieties

Rudolph nestje met doorsnee


The potato variety Rudolph is the most excellent performing variety in the Northern region because of its remarkable yield, eye depth, white flesh color and exceptional shape/size.

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Alouette nestje met doorsnee


Alouette has also proved to be a winner both in Punjab and hilly areas. Its most outstanding quality is high resistance against diseases like early and late blight, PCN and nematodes. The dry matter content of the Alouette makes it suitable for long storage capacity and it has the exceptional ability to perform well in colder and hot climate regions simultaneously.

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Esmee nestje met doorsnee


Pakistan potato farmers are greatly impressed by Esmee plant's heights and number of stems, extraordinary taste and resistance to scab, its uniform big size healthy tubers give better emergence and high production.

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Vogue nestje met doorsnee


For the farmers in the early markets, in the Punjab region, the Vogue is highly appreciated by the large uniform tubers with a nice taste.

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Introduction of varieties

They market their product as either standing crop or at the wholesale markets, sometimes they engage in direct bulk supply to downstream traders and exporters too. But the most popular form of marketing still remains to be word of mouth feedback provided by farmers/importers from one provincial region to another. 

In recent years carrying out open days has also been a useful tool for promoting new potato varieties. Events such as open days allow farmers/importers alike to visit and view any market seed potato varieties in more detail, these events also further enable members of the public to conduct any Q/A’s they feel are necessary to obtain further information regarding any particular seed varieties they may possibly be interested in.

This form of marketing has always been successful with Agrico varieties as their healthy green crop with uniform shape/size and smooth skin always impressed their neighboring farmers.


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