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Organic ware potatoes

When you do business with Agrico, you’re doing business with more than 1000 reputable Dutch growers and our extensive global network of subsidiaries, distributors and agents. We work together to ensure continuity in the supply of high-quality potatoes to supermarkets and therefore to consumers’ plates.

Our growers’ area plans are aligned with the needs of our customers, and our wide range of ware potato varieties means we can respond effectively to specific demands. As a result, Agrico supplies a diverse selection of organically grown potatoes for the Retail and Processing Industry sectors.

Different Agrico varieties ware potatoes

Changing demand

Consumer demands change. Reasons for this include developments in functional foods, convenience-related solutions, and organic and sustainable cultivation. Agrico follows these trends closely and responds to them promptly. Together with Agrico Research, we develop innovative varieties and concepts. Keeping in mind our customers’ current nutritional styles and expected future developments, we innovate, collaborate and ensure that we produce the best potatoes for our market.

Organic cultivation

We expect the demand for organic potato varieties to continue growing. Agrico BioSelect has a range of natural, sustainable and strong quality potatoes that are suitable for organic cultivation around the world.

With around 65 affiliated organic growers and an area of more than 750 hectares, Agrico BioSelect is the largest supplier of organically grown ware potatoes.

Our organic potatoes are processed into fries, chips, salads and chilled potato products. You can also find them in supermarkets and health food stores, washed and packaged.

Agrico BioSelect’s organic potatoes are grown organically right from the very start. All seed potatoes are inspected during and after harvesting by the General Inspection Service for Agricultural Seed and Seed Potatoes (NAK). The Dutch Organic Control Authority (SKAL) monitors compliance with organic production regulations.


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Organic variety Carolus harvested by hand

Potato Next

Since Oct. 1, 2023, the (non organic) ware potato branch has been transferred to the new cooperative for ware potatoes called PotatoNext.

Coöperatie PotatoNext U.A. is a dynamic collaboration of about 200 dedicated ware potato growers, with a combined acreage of about 3,200 hectares. The cooperative bundles its trading activities in PotatoNext B.V. and packaging activities in PotatoNext Processing B.V..

With extensive expertise and experience in the potato sector, PotatoNext is a leading player in potato growing, production and distribution. PotatoNext strives to supply high-quality potatoes to various market segments, including retail, foodservice, export, catering and processing industries.

PotatoNext offers an extensive range of potato varieties, carefully grown and selected by our members, to meet the diverse demands and needs of our customers. With in-depth knowledge of the potato market and a commitment to quality, they consistently deliver products that meet the highest standards.

Voor meer informatie, bezoek PotatoNext


Agrico is committed to supplying a professional and sustainable high-quality product. The first stage in our quality process comprises fixed agreements with trusted and affiliated growers, planned inspections, and effective on-site cultivation efforts. In addition, we are investing in the future and in our partnership with our external parties who monitor our methods on the basis of certifications.

Certificates are mandatory to ensure that food safety standards are met. Each potato segment has its own legislation and requirements, and Agrico naturally complies with these laws and regulations. Agrico is essentially a large group of growers and is a leader in the sector when it comes to complying with certification in each segment.

Agrico inspecting quality demo field
Marnix Wilms

Would you like to know more about our organic potatoes?

Agrico works with more than 1000 renowned Dutch growers and an extensive network of subsidiaries, distributors and agents worldwide. We supply a diverse range of organic and conventionally grown potatoes for the Retail and Processing sectors.

If you have a specific question, or if you would like to know what Agrico can do for you with respect to table-stock potatoes, please feel free to contact us.

Marnix Wilms

Team leader ware potatoes