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Seed potatoes on a conveyer

Excellent harvest and yield

The best way to guarantee a good harvest and the best return on your investment is to start out with healthy, high-quality seed potatoes and expert advice.

At Agrico, we are committed to and invest in knowledge and research. This has enabled us to cultivate a wide range of unique potato varieties that display effective resistance, strong variety characteristics and a high yield. Naturally, the seed potatoes we supply are fully certified.

  • 68 unique potato varieties
  • Optimal return
  • Excellent storage life

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Perfectly aligned with local needs

Good seed potatoes are perfectly matched to local cultivation conditions as well as the preferred tastes and preparation methods in the destination country. Agrico has developed unique varieties that align seamlessly with the needs and preferences of our customers in over 80 countries. We are able to supply these varieties in the form of seed potatoes, mini tubers or even in vitro, if desired.

We’re confident that we have the perfect potato and suitable solution for every situation, and we will make every effort to ensure that farmers around the world achieve the best yield.

  • Perfectly suited to local conditions
  • Perfectly suited to local preferences
  • Seed potatoes or local autonomous propagation
Farmers visiting a demo field of seed potatoes
Next generation potato varieties

The new generation of potato varieties

In addition to our existing seed potatoes, each year we develop and introduce new and improved varieties. For a good illustration of the results of our research and breeding efforts, you can’t go past our successful New Generation varieties.

Introduced in 2018, these innovative potato varieties are bred to have natural resistance to late blight, a devastating potato disease.

This means that our Agrico Next Generation varieties contribute to the global sustainability and maintenance of potato cultivation, while retaining excellent consumption properties and good yield.

Next Generation

The best guarantee for good growth

We contribute far more than just high-quality seed potatoes. Our approach is reinforced by our relationships with our customers, and our sense of joint responsibility for their growth.

We’re only too happy to provide extensive advice on the correct cultivation methods, harvesting, storage and logistics, not only upon delivery but afterwards too.

  • Innovative potato varieties
  • Independent certification
  • Comprehensive quality assurance
  • Active knowledge-sharing
  • Rapid, reliable delivery
  • Global network
Researcher inspecting quality potato variety
Wieger van der Werff

Would you like to know more about our seed potatoes?

Agrico goes beyond just supplying good quality potatoes. Because we’re involved with our customers, we are more than happy to provide effective, expert advice on the right cultivation, harvesting and storage methods, as well as logistics. Agrico also invests intensively in knowledge and research, as a result of which we have a wide range of unique seed potato varieties at our disposal.

If you have a specific question, or if you would like to know what Agrico can do for you with respect to seed potatoes, please feel free to contact us.

Wieger van der Werff

Commercial Manager