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Phytophthora? Who isn’t familiar with it! A well-known potato disease throughout the world. Controlling it, is essential to maintain a healthy crop and obtain a good yield. Since 2016 Agrico offers potato varieties in the Next Generation range. These potato varieties now grow in many countries, are resistant to Phytophthora (late blight) and ensure that the potato’s growth process is not disrupted by the disease. This means that Agrico’s clients will continue to feed many mouths throughout the world.

Our agents and subsidiaries are happy to share the success of the Next Generation range with you. 

Read below their stories.

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Levante Romagnoli

Romagnoli F.lli about Levante

Giulio and Grazia Romagnoli, managing directors at Romagnoli F.lli, are very enthusiastic. "Agrico's Next Generation varieties offer a great opportunity to increase the ecological and economic sustainability for the agricultural food chain in Italy." The Next Generation varieties that Romagnoli F.lli purchase from Agrico are: Levante, Alouette, Twister, Jacky and Carolus.

Levante is special because, in Italy it is suitable for all production areas, which are different in nature. "In addition to its natural resistance to Phytophthora (late blight) it is a very robust and productive variety in comparison to other varieties.

Levante is in Italy available in our "Zero residues" packed product range. Italian consumers who buy Levante are sensitive and attentive to environmental issues and food safety. We notice that growers who buy Levante prefer a more sustainable potato crop and they are very satisfied with the yield.


Weuthen GmbH about Beyonce

Johannes Beckers, buyer of organic seed potatoes at Weuthen GmbH: "I think that the Next Generation provides a food supply, a high yield, and good quality potatoes with fewer chemicals being used." As far as he is concerned a very big step in the right direction.

The German agricultural trading company purchases the following Agrico varieties: Beyonce, Carolus, Alouette, Levante, Twister and Twinner. Beyonce is the latest addition to their portfolio . “With its high yield and suitability for crisping combined with the Phytophthora-resistance this variety is becoming increasingly popular in our German market”.

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Carolus plant optrekken - yield

Agrico Nordic about Carolus

Lars-Inge Nilsson, sales representative for Agrico Nordic in Sweden, loves to tell about his experience with Next Generation potatoes: "It is very important to take care of more than the next generation. We must also take care of the generations after that." This is possible with these potato varieties. The Next Generation range available in Sweden includes Carolus, Twister, Alouette, Jacky and Beyonce.

“Carolus, for example, is one of our best potatoes. Multipurpose, mealy but they do not fall apart after cooking. And don't forget with a good yield. It is a perfect alternative to our King Edward variety which is widely used in Sweden but not as sustainable. Favourite dishes with using Carolus are baked potatoes or French Fries. Carolus is popular among both conventional and organic Swedish growers.


AKV Langholt about Nofy

Niels Jørgen Kristensen and Henrik Pedersen, are Agro consultants: "We believe that one of the core values of Denmark-based AKV Langholt AmbA is taking care of the Next Generation and doing something for the planet, based on the premise that more resources shouldn’t be used than the planet can deliver." This means in Denmark preferably potatoes can be grown with less input by the farmers and less spraying than varieties that are more susceptible to Phytophthora. AKV Langholt purchases the following varieties from Agrico: Alouette, Carolus, Ardeche, Jacky, Nofy, Twinner and Twister.

Niels and Henrik are very enthusiastic about Nofy. It is one of the best varieties when it comes to tolerance against drought and heat. Moreover, Nofy produces high quality starch. "If we look at varieties that produce starch with high viscosity, this is one of the best". Viscosity is valued by producers of starchy products, such as snacks and noodles.

We see that it is an easy step for growers to start using Nofy: they save money as less spraying is needed than if more ‘usual’ varieties are grown. Also, organic varieties produce a much higher yield than our farmers are accustomed to.

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Leo de Kock about Twister

The Next Generation varieties fit in perfectly with the sustainable ambition of Leo de Kock and its retail clients. From the very beginning of the range Leo de Kock packs Agrico's Next Generation varieties. First only Carolus, now about 5 from the range. "Mariska Werring, sales director at Leo de Kock: "We expect this will be the new standard in the years ahead. We purchase Next Generation varieties Carolus, Alouette, Twinner, Twister and Levante. Our latest addition, the Twister variety, also fits well into our portfolio." 

Twister is a firm-cooking Next Generation potato with a bright yellow skin. This variety replaces the tasty variety Ditta which unfortunately is not a Next Generation variety. The Twister has an attractive appearance and fine taste. Consumers can buy this variety in both organic and conventional ranges in supermarkets. This variety tends to be purchased by consumers who prefer organic potatoes. In the years ahead, we anticipate that this will also be the new standard in conventional markets.

In the kitchen, these potatoes can be used for all kinds of dishes, but the Twister in particular is perfect after boiling, in a casserole, or baked. "My all-time favourite dish is the Twister left in the skin, cut into wedges, which are then coated with a mixture of chopped garlic, thyme and rosemary handpicked from my (small) garden, plus a few dashes of olive oil. The wedges are then baked in the oven for 40 minutes at 200°C. Serve with Lamb chops and a fresh salad, accompanied by a nice glass of white wine."



Wieger van der Werff

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