Muuzaji wa mbegu za viazi
zilizoidhinishwa nchini Tanzania

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High yielding potato varieties

Yields of 12-16 tons per acre.

Multiple years of trials in Tanzania

Supplier of certified seed potatoes in Tanzania

Since 2023, Fraxen Consult Ltd, is an official distributor of Agrico certified seed potatoes in Tanzania. Teddy Mcha, director from Fraxen, is determined to supply the local Tanzanian farmers with quality seed potatoes to improve the local yields, financial situations and improve the potato sector overall.  

After a succesfull operation in Kenya by Agrico they decided to expand their business to Tanzania. Through good agricultiural practices (GAP), potato training and the use of certified seed potatoes Tanzanian farmers can experience enormous boosts in their potato business. 

We currently have three potato varieties registered in Tanzania: Arizona, Markies and Manitou. These varieties were tested several years on trial fields from CDPIT (Center of Development for the Potato Industry in Tanzania) and showed good yields under typical Tanzanian climate. 

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Door te kiezen voor bestaande Agrico rassen, kunnen Tanzaniaanse boeren zeer snel opschalen en hun inkomsten verbeteren.

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About our Tanzanian representative

Theresia (Teddy) Mcha is a Tanzanian entrepreneur in Agriculture business and trade. She worked for the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as senior agricultural advisor for 8 years. Teddy is a liaison between Tanzania and The Netherlands in Agribusiness with excellent public & private network.

Her passion in potato sector development harnessed during her pragmatic influence as the managing director of Stawisha-Centre for Development of the Potato Industry in Tanzania, the company that introduced modern potato varieties and promoted good agricultural practices to the growers. She has a deep understanding of dynamic business operations in Tanzania. A zealous woman in the potato sector in Tanzania, call her mama viazi.