AAC Crimson Tide

A Parkland potato variety with red skin ideal for the main creamer market

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AAC Crimson Tide

Parkland Seed Potatoes Ltd. is very excited to have this high yielding, red creamer variety in their portfolio.

It has a very uniform round shape with red skin and cream flesh. It matures early, has a low incidence of hollow heart and sunburn, and a moderate resistance to common scab.

  • Market outlets: fresh market
  • Maturity: medium
  • Average yield: high
  • Crossing: Redsen x Brigus
AAC Crimson Tide Parkland 2022
Canada Crimsom Tide V32


  • Tuber shape: round
  • Uniform of shape: uniform
  • Eye depth: shallow
  • Skin color: red
  • Flesh color: cream


  • Dormancy: medium
  • Tuber number: higher setting
  • Resistance to damage: not susceptible
  • Flower colour: purple

Disease resistance

  • Common scab: moderate resistance

Cultivation recommendation

Ensure a proper skin set prior to harvest.

IMG 7015 Crimson Tide
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