Agrico develops innovative varieties to suit every spot on the planet where professional, successful and sustainable potato cultivation is possible. We deliver high-quality, certified and healthy seed potatoes anywhere in the world. For some selected countries, we opt to propagate locally using mini tubers or in vitro stock in accordance with local requirements and possibilities. This enables us to satisfy the increasing demand for our innovative potato varieties anywhere in the world.

Worldwide expertise

Agrico now has a branch or representatives in more than 80 countries. By working together and sharing global knowledge about research, development and local needs, we can deliver top products and expertise to all corners of the world. Our direct links to local markets mean that we can deliver value to your local potato value chain in accordance with your specific needs, and in your language.

  • Export and/or local production
  • Operating in over 80 countries
  • Large network of subsidiaries and agents
  • Knowledge, advice and innovation tailored to suit local needs

Agrico exports seed potatoes to more than 80 countries and arranges the logistics from grower to purchaser worldwide. Because we manage everything from departure point to destination, we’re able to supply our products fast and reliably.

Agrico supplies seed potatoes to destinations around the world for local production of ware potatoes. If necessary, we can also propagate the seedlings locally.

Agrico operates as both an architect and partner in the development and optimization of sustainable potato value chains. Our goal is to achieve excellent growth for everyone in the chain by increasing efficiency, quality and food security.