50 years of agrico: with heart and soil committed to the next generation

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Press release

Emmeloord, 10 November 2023 – On 9 and 10 November, Agrico held its annual Variety and Seedling Show at Agrico Research in Bant. This year was dedicated to its 50th anniversary. During the show, the new variety Fajah and the two spotlight varieties, Jacky and Lugano, were presented to the visitors. Agrico can look back on a successful show.

With heart and soil… committed to the next generation

Various activities were organized throughout the year for members, growers and employees to celebrate Agrico’s 50th anniversary. The anniversary was also the focus of this year’s Variety and Seedling Show. With more than 50 reasons to come over, including the presentation of the spotlight varieties, networking with like-minded people and discovering our potato ‘walk of fame’, it was a great, innovative show. This was also the last Variety Show for Jan van Hoogen, before he hands over the baton to the ‘next generation’, Mark Zuidhof. "This is my last year as chairman of the variety committee. I am very happy with my successor" Jan van Hoogen says in his speech.

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"The battle for acreage has begun and therefore we as Agrico will have to protect our position. That is why we have decided to specialize even more in seed potatoes."

Development of sustainable potatoes

Along with the growers, plus the breeding that takes place at Agrico Research, Agrico has focused on developing, growing and marketing sustainable seed potatoes and table potatoes suitable for climates and markets throughout the world. Agrico leads the way in the development of new varieties, with a focus not only on quality and yield, but above all on a more sustainable world for future generations. A lot will change in our playing field because of EU legislation. This presents significant challenges for Agrico’s growers. Agrico’s varieties will have to play a huge role in this, turning challenges into opportunities.

New on the Dutch Variety List

Along with its affiliated breeders, our breeding company Agrico Research is responsible for developing new potato varieties for all markets in which Agrico is active. These varieties are the roots of our organization. This year, a new variety has been added to the Dutch Variety List: Fajah, bred by Renze Rispens. Fajah is a strong variety with large tubers and a relatively high dry matter content. It is an early maturing crop with yellow skin, good heat tolerance, virus resistance and a high yield.

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"In all these years, I have awarded 61 statuettes. This was the last one for me."

Spotlight varieties

Every year Agrico selects a number of varieties that warrant extra attention. These spotlight varieties are young, innovative varieties, that are currently taking the market by storm. This year, Jacky and Lugano are the spotlight varieties. Jacky is a promising small size ware variety, with very high tuber numbers per plant. The variety is perfect for the ware potato segment and the chilled market. Lugano has large tubers and good processing qualities. As well as very broad nematode resistance, it stores very well. This makes Lugano very successful in the French fries industry and the traditional markets.

Evolved into a world player

The world is now Agrico's farmland. The potatoes lifted from the ground by Agrico growers here in the Netherlands, are replanted elsewhere in the world to grow into mature plants. The earth connects us all and we look after it. Agrico passionately contributes to food security for a growing world population. Agrico has committed itself to this mission for the past 50 years ‘with heart and soil’. This is how Agrico contributes to income security and food security for the growing world population.