Agrico builds mini tuber storage facility

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Start build mini tuber storage facility

Emmeloord, 17 November 2021 – On Wednesday 17 November 2021, the first pile was driven for the mini tuber storage facility being constructed by Agrico at the ‘De Munt’ business park in Emmeloord.

By constructing its own mini tuber storage facility, Agrico is taking the next step in its professionalization. Agrico currently rents a separate area from an affiliated grower for its mini tubers. Because of the enhanced focus on quality and the increased quantities of mini tubers, Agrico decided to construct its own mini tuber storage facility.

By constructing its own storage facility, which will house only mini tubers, Agrico is in a better position to meet plant-health requirements and measures. In an area of their own, the mini tubers cannot come into contact with other agricultural products, which significantly reduces the risk of disease. This goes a long way towards achieving the exacting quality requirements imposed by Agrico on building up the propagation materials.

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The mini tuber storage facility will be located at a central site in Emmeloord, close to the head office and the Agrico Quality Center. In the morning of Wednesday 17 november, the first pile of the storage facility was driven. It is anticipated that the mini tuber storage facility will be completed next spring.

Mini tuber cultivation is essential for Agrico to grow sufficient high-quality seed potatoes for its members and customers. Mini tubers form the basis of Agrico’s highest classes of propagation materials.