Agrico takes new mini-tubers storage into use


Agrico takes new mini-bulb storage into use

Emmeloord, 17 August 2022 - This morning, the first cargo of mini-tubers was delivered to Agrico's new mini-tubers storage facility, which was built last year in the de Munt industrial area in Emmeloord.

Last week the mini-tubers storage was completed and today the first cargo of mini-tubers was delivered. The storage is located at the Escudo in Emmeloord at walking distance from the head office and the Agrico Quality Center.

The storage has a capacity for 10 million mini tubers. The mini-tubers storage is equipped with four cells. This enables Agrico to use different storage regimes to keep the mini tubers in optimum condition.

One of Agrico's focus is to offer high quality starting material. The construction of the mini-bulb storage is one of the steps in this process. Quote from Mark Zuidhof, manager Operations: "By storing the mini tubers ourselves, we are even better able to guarantee the quality of our starting material".

Agrico can now better guarantee the phytosanitary requirements and measures with the mini-tubers storage. The mini-tubers do not come into contact with other agricultural products, so the risk of diseases is considerably lower.

Miniknollen In Opslag
Mark Zuidhof

By taking care of the storage of the mini tubers ourselves, we are even better able to guarantee the quality of our starting material.

Miniknollen In Stelling Plaatsen

Mini tubers are the foundation
Mini-tubers are essential for Agrico to grow sufficient high quality seed potatoes for its members and customers. Mini-tubers are the basis for Agrico's highest grades of starting material.

The mini-tubers that are now being stored, in the just completed mini-tubers center, will be used for planting out in growing season 2023 and for the further build-up of new, innovative potato varieties.