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Jolene, consistent appearance in combination with good internal quality

This year Agrico once again has a number of new varieties that have been added to the Dutch Variety List. One of these varieties is Jolene. Jolene is a new variety in Agrico’s portfolio. It can rightly be considered to be a multipurpose variety, which is suitable for washed and packaged potatoes and for home fries. With its well-filled long oval tubers and clear smooth skin, this variety presents itself exceptionally well. Jolene is perfect for fresh home fries. Jolene is also popular amongst consumers, whether baked, boiled or included in other dishes. At Agrico we have already seen wide interest in this variety from our customer base, particularly from European countries.

The added value of Jolene to Agrico’s varieties portfolio is its exceptionally good appearance when the variety is washed and packaged and, in addition, its excellent qualities for home fries. The variety has attracted interest from our customers because of its beautiful uniform appearance in combination with a high yield. Customers are very happy with the beautiful skin quality, the variety’s beautiful appearance and the internal quality of the tubers. Jolene has long, oval, uniformly sized tubers. The variety has a very beautiful skin quality. In addition, the tuber number is very good. Jolene’s long oval tubers have a yellow skin and the flesh is light yellow. The underwater weight is around 390 grams, which is consistent with a dry matter content of 21%. The variety has cooking type B.


The markets currently being targeted by Agrico with Jolene are Spain, Portugal, Serbia, France, but the Dutch retail sector is also interesting and the variety will also soon be introduced in Italy. The consumer can use Jolene as a traditional boiling potato, but the variety is also ideal for delicious home fries.

During cultivation, Jolene has low susceptibility to scab and has excellent resistance to both virus Y and virus Yntn. It appears that the variety can be grown under different weather conditions. We recommend adding a little more nitrogen in proportion in order to increase the size of the tubers. The variety has good resistance to virus and is relatively easy to grow.

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