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Next Generation potatoes in Bangladesh

Our Phytophthora-resistant Next Generation varieties Carolus and Alouette are cultivated in Bangladesh. These varieties provide a solid foundation for a sustainable and healthy crop. Because of their natural resistance to Phytophthora, they have increased yield security with the least possible input. This results in an optimum return.

Growing season

The first seed potatoes were planted in mid-November. In March, work started on harvesting the first varieties. After manual removal of the foliage, the potatoes are ploughed up and placed in rows. The potatoes are collected that same day and moved to an elevation on the headland. They are then placed in jute bags and taken to a local storage area. The potatoes are transported from this storage area to the local market.


Next Generation varieties

Would you like to know more about our Next Generation potatoes? Visit our online platform Agrico Potatoes. Here you will find up to the minute news about our latest “Next Generation" varieties, the experiences of our subsidiaries, the occurrence of Phytophthora and everything about the continuous search by our breeding company Agrico Research for Phytophthora-resistant varieties.

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