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Paradiso, a high yield every year and a beautiful appearance

Paradiso is one of our “spotlight” varieties. Spotlight varieties are young, innovative varieties within our portfolio that are currently gaining a share of the market. Paradiso has a high yielding capacity and a beautiful appearance, including after long-term storage. The continuity in cultivation means this variety is very interesting for countries around the Mediterranean Sea. A high yield every year and a beautiful appearance!

Paradiso has a high yielding capacity, a strong plant and in addition a beautiful appearance including after long-term storage. It is a maincrop variety with beautiful long oval tubers. The skin is yellow and the flesh light yellow. Paradiso has beautiful, uniformly sized tubers. The variety has an underwater weight of 329 grams and a dry matter content of 18.1% and cooking type B. In terms of resistance, the variety is not particularly susceptible to viruses and scab. With the high number of tubers, the high yield and uniformly sized tubers, the variety is interesting for both seed potato growers and table potato growers. 

More characteristics of Paradiso

As Paradiso has a strong plant, the variety is also suitable for the warmer growing areas. This is why the variety is mainly exported to the traditional markets around the Mediterranean Sea, such as Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

The PK 06-108, Paradiso’s seedling number, is a cross between two existing varieties. The mother variety, Rodeo, is a descendant of the variety Mondial, which originates from Spunta. The father plant, Valor, originates from the Irish variety Cara. This origin suggests that Paradiso has good yield potential. In addition, the positive traits of a long tuber shape and clear skin are combined in this variety.

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