Potato cooperative Agrico acquires Royal ZAP’s seed potato activities


Potato cooperative Agrico acquires Royal ZAP’s seed potato activities

Emmeloord, 26 September 2023 - Agrico acquires Royal ZAP’s seed potato activities. By means of this acquisition, Agrico has taken a step towards expanding its acreage, in order to meet demand. This offers the benefits of synergy, which will help Agrico to further optimize its organization. 

The acquisition of Royal ZAP by Agrico offers the cooperative the prospect of continuing to achieve its growth objective within the shrinkage of the available seed potato acreage in Western Europe, allowing it to remain a stable partner in the sector.

Royal ZAP has more than 900 hectares of seed potatoes and also has a successful sales channel for both its monopoly varieties and for free varieties. 

By means of this acquisition, Agrico is investing in growth of acreage and operational synergy. The operational activities relating to logistics and cultivation will be integrated into the Agrico process. The commercial activities will continue to take place in ZAP’s name, under Agrico’s direction. This will help to achieve a broadening of the sales channel. 

Royal ZAP’s relevant personnel will transfer to Agrico, in order to preserve their knowledge of the market and operational activities.

Mark Zuidhof: “The acquisition helps Agrico to further achieve its growth objective and, in this way, control the organization’s costs. As a result, we are creating a wider sales network by continuing the ZAP brand.”

Robert Verbruggen: "With this step we see further opportunities for Royal ZAP to professionalize while maintaining our identity. We guarantee returns for our growers and remain distinctive to our customers."


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