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Cultivation of potatoes in Pakistan

In recent years, the potato has become a valuable product for both the Pakistani farmer and the consumer. The potato is of high nutritional value and cultivation is particularly sustainable because the potato plant produces more food faster on less land, using less water, than any other important food crop.

Both red and white flesh potato varieties are grown in Pakistan. Most Pakistani farmers depend on certified seed potatoes that ensure a healthy, strong, and virus-free crop.

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Succesful varieties

Pakistani farmers have a strong interest in reliable potato varieties from high-quality, certified seed potatoes. The Agrico varieties Constance, Vogue, Kuroda, Esmee, Rudolph and Alouette therefore play an important role in Pakistan. These varieties are grown for the local market and for household consumption. They are an important source of income for local farmers.

Working with high-quality materials helps local farmers to be confident of meeting the specified quality requirements. This frequently opens the doors to interesting export and sales opportunities.


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The correct variety properties

The varieties that are used have various advantages. For example, the potatoes have the right properties, such as shape, eye depth, skin and flesh color, dormancy, and flavor. The healthy uniform tubers have good emergence, soil coverage and high yield. The varieties are therefore grown on a large scale. The size of the crop and the number of stems per plant are also important factors for the huge success of this variety.

In addition, our varieties have good drought tolerance, high herbicide tolerance and are resistant to viruses and fungi, such as Phytophthora Infestans, wart disease and PCN (potato cyst nematode). This results in an increase in yields and a reduction in costs because the local farmers have to use fewer crop-protection products, personnel, and machines to keep the crop healthy.

Along with our agent, Stamex International, Agrico has been working for decades on the further development and introduction of our Agrico varieties and, in recent years, we have seen that the Next Generation varieties are also finding their niche.


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