Diversity of disciplines


Breeding & Research

At Breeding & Research you will be working on the potato of the future. We are constantly developing new varieties that are even better suited to the wide range of wishes of our growers, customers, processors, supermarkets and, of course, consumers worldwide.

Our Next Generation package of potato varieties is truly unique. These varieties have a natural high resistance to the potato disease Phytophthora. Various innovative varieties have already emerged from this Next Generation program. We expect even more robust varieties in the near future.

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Advice & Cultivation

At Advice & Cultivation, our field staff (cultivation supervisors) and product managers focus, among other things, on advice and guidance on cultivation at home and abroad. They have a broad-ranging to highly specialized knowledge of our innovative potato varieties and the wide range of cultivation options.

Our employees work together with growers and customers to achieve the best results. We do this, for example, by looking together at needs, challenges and opportunities in cultivation and in the market. Using this experience we can further improve our varieties.

Sales & export

The Sales & Export department is constantly working to take advantage of opportunities that arise under changing market conditions. You have to build relationships and know what is going on in each country in terms of climate, culture, market, developments and politics.

The world in which we sell offers many opportunities, but it also presents challenges. The climate is changing and the global population is growing. Markets are developing and consumer preferences are shifting. The employees in this discipline make regular trips to Agrico's customers and production regions.

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Logistics & Stock

The Logistics cluster ensures that growers have the potatoes ready for delivery on schedule and that potatoes are delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible to the desired destination at the desired time. In doing so, the right quality requirements must be met. Consideration must also be given to the environment.

The Stock cluster is concerned with keeping track of and analyzing stock levels. This cluster is also responsible for providing information for the preparation of a reliable sales plan.

Financial & IT

Good financial administration is of great importance to our cooperative. Processing potato sales and purchases as well as organizing and coordinating cash flows with our cooperative members are important for the sake of continuity.

IT supports the entire organization in its professionalization and digitization. This is essential to help us achieve Agrico's ambitions. The IT cluster ensures that the fundamentals are strong, which is beneficial to all departments.

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Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication helps to spread the Agrico brand worldwide and to promote our innovative potato varieties.

This includes, for example, conducting communication activities and organizing online and offline events. We support the various branches and distributors by providing them with the variety information and promotional material they need, and also work continuously to improve our digital platforms.  

Management & Support

Together, these are important elements of our operational processes.

In order to achieve our ambitious objectives, it is important that all departments continue to professionalize. The further development of our organization and employees are key priorities. We also make full use of the possibilities offered by digitization and automation.

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Areas of expertise at home and abroad

We now have 8 branches abroad and use various agencies as well. We also have 4 branches in the Netherlands. These branches have different set-ups and areas of expertise.

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