Personal development

Growth is the key to our ambition and is interwoven in all layers of our organization. Agrico is the innovative global player when it comes to developing new and future-proof potato varieties and cultivating and supplying seed potatoes and ware potatoes.

Growth starts with people

Growth starts with people. That is why we continuously invest in our main asset: our employees. On the basis of personal ambition, career opportunities and developments in the sector, we offer our employees the scope for further development. This is good for your own personal growth and good for Agrico's growth too. Your growth may take the form of on-the-job training, an individual training program or training given to an entire department.

Agrico research introducing new potato varieties

Committed and enthusiastic

We are an ambitious international cooperative that produces high-quality certified seed potatoes and ware potatoes. We are constantly innovating and optimizing our potato varieties. In order to be able to continue innovating, we are looking for people who fit in well with us.

On-boarding program
From day one, we make sure that you feel welcome and that you share our passion for potatoes and for Agrico as quickly as possible. We do this with our on-boarding program, which is tailored to your background, experience and position.

Professional growth
We find it important that you continue to grow in your sector. We offer you the right tools to continue to accumulate knowledge and remain one step ahead of developments in your sector.

Personal development
We also find it important that you continue to develop on a personal level. During your career you might encounter all kinds of issues. Getting to know yourself better, knowing where your strengths lie and what you derive energy from, will help you to tackle these issues.

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Do you want to grow with us?

Wil jij ons helpen onze wereldwijde sterke positie verder uit te bouwen. Agrico zoekt regelmatig nieuw talent. Wij garanderen je dat je onze passie voor aardappels en voor Agrico snel deelt!