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We see the whole world as our field

Eight branches abroad

Agrico has eight branches outside the Netherlands.

Exports to over 80 countries

Agrico’s potatoes are grown and consumed in more than 80 countries.

Valued global partner

Throughout the entire process from selection to harvest, we actively engage in dialogue with our customers and provide support and advice where necessary.

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Specific wishes and characteristics

Each market has its own specific wishes and characteristics, such as preferences regarding the appearance of, taste, of and preparation methods for potatoes. Moreover, the conditions in each country are unique. Soil type, climate, fertilization, and storage possibilities are all factors that we must take into account.

In order to know which potato variety will do best locally, we work closely with colleagues from all corners of the world and local agents who have contact with growers in their area. We tailor our working methods and our guidance for growers to local conditions.

International colleagues

Our head office in the Netherlands coordinates sales and the introduction of new varieties, backed up by an extensive international network that now consists of eight branches in other countries.

We have colleagues in France, the United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Canada, Turkey and Kenya. Agrico also has an extensive network of international partners and is represented at more than 80 locations worldwide.

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