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Agrico Nordic AB, hereinafter referred to as ”Agrico”.

Every day, Agrico facilitates the worldwide marketing of potatoes. From seedling to the
supermarket shelf. In order to provide good service, it is necessary to collect, save and share
personal data. We do this in a careful, secure manner and in compliance with European legislation.
We are transparent in this process: you can ask about what personal data we have collected from
you at any time. You can be confident that we will treat your personal data with the utmost care.
This privacy statement explains how we do this. Our privacy statement complies with the
provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What is personal data?

Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual. For example,
your name, address, telephone number or personal e-mail address. Legislation makes a distinction
between ”normal” and ”special” personal data. Examples of special personal data include data on a
person’s regligion, criminal history or trade union membership. We only collect ”normal” personal
data and we do not make use of automated decision-making to provide services to you.

What do we use personal data for?

To guarantee good service provision, Agrico processes personal data. By ’processing’ we mean the
all the processes ranging from the collection to the destruction of personal data. This includes
consulting the data or forwarding it. Agrico may only process personal data if a legal basis exists,
such as the performance of a contract, the fulfilment of a legal obligation, consent or the
representation of a legitimate interest. If you are a grower, supplier or customer, we process your
personal data in order to comply with the contrat that we have concluded with you or based on a
legal obligation. Agrico also processes data based on a legitimate interest. For example, we collect
functional and analytical cookies to guarantee the proper functioning of the website. For
commercial purposes and to inform you, we send newsletter to our business contacts. Finally, we
process data based on consent, for example if you apply for a job at our company. You are entitled
to revoke this consent at any time.

Who do we share personal data with?

It is sometimes necessary to share data with organisations utside Agrico, for example the
addresses of customers, members, suppliers and service providers for logistical purposes in order
to fulfil the cultivation contract. We only share data that is necessary for the purposes for which it
is, or will be, used. The personal data that we collect from you based on sources including the
website, a job application or contact form are not shared with third parties.
Agrico uses Facebook as a communication channel. For an explanation of how data is processed on
Facebook, please refer to the Facebook privacy policy. Certain activities are outsourced at Agrico.
For example, our website is managed by a third party. We are sometimes also obliged to share
data based on a legal obligation, for example to the authorities in the event of criminal offences.

Is your data secure?

Agrico takes appropiate technical and organisaional measures to ensure that your personal data
does not fall into the wrong hands. The systems that store the data are secured. This has been
agreed with the third parties who process personal data on our behalf. Should anything happen,
the issue will be addressed immediately. Loss or theft may result in personal data comming into
the hands of unauthorised persons. This is called a data breach. If a data breach occurs, we will
solve the problem. Any data breaches are registered, and we comply with legislation regarding the
duty to report data breaches.

What is the retention period of your data?
Agrico stores your personal data for as long as is necessary for the purpose. If it is no longer
necessary to store your personal data for that purpose, it will be removed from our active systems.
Which personal data do we process?


Agrico collects growers’ personal data in order to fulfil cultivation contracts. This includes data such
as name, address, place of residence, telephone number and e-mail address. Customers can be
given this data for the purpose of the sale.
This data may also be shared with logistic service providers for the purpose of transport and
logistics. Agrico registers certain data concerning the quality of the product, the land contracts
(purchasing contracts) and the exact stock for the purpose of monitoring potato growing and
Agrico perfomrs product-related research, among other things. We can also request data regarding
the mandatory certification of growers, for example from GlobalGAP, Jordbruksverket or
Ruokavirasto. Agrico may also be legally obliged to share data with the authorities, for example
with phytosanitary inspection services. If there is a suspicion of non-compliance with the cultivation
contract, this data may also be shared with a third party that performs further investigation.


To arrange contractual matters between Agrico and the customer, such as preparing sales
contracts or sales invoices, we process the necessary data, such as name, address, and place of

Job applicants

Personal data such as your CV and cover letter are used exclusively for the application process.
This data will not be shared with third parties without your knowledge. Your application data will be
deleted no later than four weeks after the application process has been completed. Your data will
only be kept in our portfolio if you have given your consent. In that case, your data will be deleted
after no later than one year. You can revoke your consent at any time.
What else do we use your personal data for?

CRM and member service
In order to process questions received from growers/customers, to perform satisfaction surveys
and to manage growers/customers for organisational purposes, we register the addresses of
customers, members, suppliers and service providers. This includes the name, adderess, place of
residence, personal e-mail, telephone number, certification numbers, bank account number, and
VAT number. We only share the necessary information. The VAT number and bank account
number, for example, will not be shared with third parties.

We regulary organise event at our sites which you can participate in or attend as a grower, supplier
or visitor. For organisational reasons we request your name, e-mail address and telephone
number. This data is used to organise the event, to keep you informed of the event and to
approach you for information or events in the future. We may take photos during events. We treat
the use of photos and videos in subsequent publications selectively and with integrity.

Based on Agrico’s legitimate interest, we can send newsletter for commercial and informational
purposes. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, send an e-mail to:

Visitors to the website
Agrico only uses functional and analytical cookies. No consent is required for the use of such
cookies, as they are necessary for the proper functioning of the website and to improve the
website. This does not affect your use of the website as a visitor and has no implications for your
privacy. Agrico uses cookies to record from which country a visitor has accessed the website, for
example. This is necessary as Agrico wants to offer the visitor communication in the correct
language (Swedish, Finnish or English) and in order to show the e-mail address and telephone
numbers correctly on the contact forms. Agrico uses analytical cookies to gain insight into usage of
our website. If you want to delete existing cookies from your devise, use the options in your
browser settings. To prevent cookies being placed on your device again in the future, change your
browser settings accordingly. If you view your browser settings or options, Agrico cookies are
indicated by the name ”Agrico Nordic”. Deleting cookies may affect the usage and performance of
our website.

Do you have any questions about privacy or your personal data?
Data subjects have various rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. You can therefore
submit a request to Agrico exercising your right to access, rectify, delete or limit the use of your
personal data. The more specific your request, the better we can process it. If you have a request,
question or complaint about the processing of your personal data by Agrico, please send your
comments to the e-mail address: Agrico makes every effort to treat your
personal data carefully and securely. Despite this, you may still be dissatisfied. In that case you
also have the right to submit a complaint to the Svenska Datainspektionen.